Bob Eakin

Bob Eakin started his career over 25 years ago in the mortgage industry. He was named in the Top 50 Mortgage Originators out of 750,000 loan officers in the USA. Bob contributes his success to an unprecedented dedication to people. Jcap’s operating philosophy is simple - “We Care and We Serve”. Our products are secondary to our desire to enhance the lives of our investors and our clients.

Jenni Robinson
Director Of Lending

Over 16 years in lending, underwriting and loan operations.

Stephanie Won
Executive Assistant / Marketing Director

Stephanie is the Executive Assistant/ Marketing Director here at Jcap Private Lending. Stephanie brings a diverse background in retail, franchise, healthcare and technology products and services. She has also successfully owned and operated her own Franchise business for many years. Stephanie prides herself on building meaningful relationships with clients.  

Laurie Medina
Marketing Manager

Laurie has over 12 years of marketing experience and is focused on delivering against all goals.  She enjoys staying on top of new trends in the marketplace, and brings fresh ideas to the table. Laurie brings a high degree of organization to the department through her many years of experience in project management and process implementation.

Kate Radivojevich
President of East Coast Loan Center

Kate has a diverse background in real estate, financial services and business development. As an entrepreneur and investor, she understands the need for accessibility to cash for real estate investments and business operations. Flexible financing and customized financing solutions can mean the success or failure of a business endeavor. By providing quality support and proactive service, she believes that Jcap has the leverage you need to support your projects and ensure your long-term success.

Minnette Clepper
Director of East Coast Loan Center

Minnette Clepper, CPA is a lifelong entrepreneur. She has been helping people develop and successfully operate their business and manage their real estate investments through tax strategies and sound business planning. Throughout her career she has consistently found that sufficient capital and a financial plan are critical for success. Minnette believes there are business or real estate investment opportunities available to everyone. Jcap Private Lending gives investors immediate access to short term capital with creative financing solutions.

Michael O'Brien
Texas Regional Manager

Michael has worked in the mortgage industry for over 20 years as a Mortgage Banker and a Mortgage Broker. He currently owns his own Mortgage Brokerage that operates in California and Texas. He has also worked in the Wholesale and Retail sides of the industry. Michael personally oversee all aspects of his client's experience to make sure it serves them to the highest level possible.

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