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JPL Income Fund

A short-term alternative fixed-income investment fund that seeks to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to its investors through low leveraged Real Estate debt.

The Income fund invests in short-term bridge loans that carry a low weighted average loan-to-value ratio, possess high yields and short-terms of 1 - 3 years. Loans possessing these characteristics have historically provided a high-yield return to the investor. 

1st Cast Opportunity Fund LLC

1st Cast Opportunity Fund  (the "Fund") aims to provide investors with access to high-yield investments secured by Residential and Commercial Real Estate. The Fund will focus on (1) purchasing high-yield discounted performing mortgages (2) purchasing discounted non-performing mortgages attributed to the Covid-19 crisis  (3) purchasing high-yield mortgages and assets and (4) purchasing undervalued real estate assets. The strategy is to buy, then refinance/rework, hold to maturity for full gain or re-trade for gain. All investments are secured by Real Estate.


Hard Money loans have historically offered superior risk-adjusted returns. Collateralized by Real Estate: Low LTV, High-Yield and Short Terms (1-2 years). 

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