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Choosing a Reputable Escrow Company as a Real Estate Agent

Our friend Faith Hamer over at Everest Escrow gave some great advice about choosing a reputable escrow company as a real estate agent.

When choosing a reputable escrow company as a real estate agent, you want to make sure to ask around and find out if they are in high standing with other real estate agents in the area. If someone you know has worked with the escrow company before, ask some of the following questions: Did they answer all of your questions in a helpful manner? Were they open and honest or closed off and secretive? Did they meet all of your expectations?

You’ll also want to do your homework on the types of transactions the escrow company usually works with, whether it’s commercial real estate, new construction homes, vacant land, refinances, for sale by owner’s, or short sales. Do they have ample experience in your field of expertise?

Finally, consider the cost and location when choosing a reputable escrow company as a real estate agent. You want to avoid getting ripped off, so shop around until you agree with the quote. You may also have to visit the escrow office from time to time, so make sure the location is within driving distance to your market area.

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