This past week, JCAP Private Lending was an exhibitor at the CALIFORNIA REALTOR® EXPO in San Diego. We spoke with some of the other professionals showcasing their businesses during the conference and they had some wise advice to offer our audience.

First up is Jack Lupo from Civic Financial Services who discussed the topic of communication.

As we’ve said before, communication is crucial when dealing with mortgage or real estate clients. Once they begin the process of this massive financial commitment, they are going to want every detail at all hours of the day. Put yourself in their shoes… Wouldn’t you want to be kept in the loop?

Stay tuned for more helpful tips from the CALIFORNIA REALTOR® EXPO.


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JCAP Private Lending is a Direct Lender who closes and services Investor Funded Short-Term Real Estate Loans. Our experienced team has been providing quality mortgage services for over 30 years. JCAP Private Lending is an Asset Based Lender who steps in to quickly solve a short-term financial need secured by Real Estate. JCAP has an innovative approach to lending, focusing on speed, simplicity, and safety for borrowers and investors. JCAP’s operating philosophy is defined by the simple but impactful statement — “We Care & We Serve”.

Located in Newport Beach, CA, JCAP Private Lending primarily lends Hard Money & Private Loans secured by 1st & 2nd TD’s on residential property in Coastal California. For further information, please visit

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