At JCAP Private Lending, we leave no stone unturned. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, our finance professionals can find you a loan that fits your needs. Here are some of the loans that we offer:

Private money loans
An asset-based loan that is used to fund a real estate transaction. These loans are given by private institutions, like JCAP, instead of by traditional banks.

Hard Money Loans
Hard money loans are similar to private money loans in that they are asset-based. But, instead of basing it off of credit and net worth, borrowers offer their property as collateral when applying for a hard money loan.

Bridge Loan
This type of loan is for someone who is currently selling a property and buying another at the same time. Usually, the current property has not sold yet or won’t close before the new property is bought. Traditional banks are hesitant to give out a bridge loan but at JCAP, this is one of our most popular loans.

Refinance Loans
Because refinance loans on listed properties are typically paid off quickly, traditional lenders will not invest in this type of loan. At JCAP, we refinance listed properties frequently.

Construction Loans
Construction loans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. JCAP is one of the very few private lenders who support construction loans for spec homes in which investors are building a property to sell. We also give out mid-construction loans for when you need a 2nd loan for a house or are in the middle of construction and cannot finished the project with additional funds.

Luxury Home Loans
Once again, this type of loan is hard to come by with traditional banks. JCAP offers large loans from $100,000 to $5 million so that you can buy the luxury home of your dreams.

Owner Occupied Loans
Although most lenders limit themselves to investment properties due to new federal regulations, JCAP is one of the only lenders who offers owner occupied loans in Southern California. We are fully licensed and have decades of experience with owner occupied loans.

Probate Loans
When a loved one dies, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is money. But, if you inherit a property, it’s important to consider a probate loan if the assets are tied up during the probate process. This loan is short term and will give you the funds you need until the estate is properly distributed among family members.

Foreclosure Loans
If you’re facing foreclosure, JCAP will lend you the money to save your house from being taken away from you and your family. Because traditional banks do not lend to low FICO score borrowers, it can be difficult to obtain a foreclosure loan outside of JCAP’s Newport Beach office.

Business Purpose Loans
A business purpose loan is used to buy an investment property when you are starting a new business. This type of loan can be owner-occupied or non owner-occupied depending on your needs.

JCAP Private Lending offers a wide variety of loans for every type of situation. If you do not see the kind of loan you need above, contact us today and we will work with you!

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